Have You Been Treated Unfairly by Your Insurance Company?

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Insurance companies should to be on your side. They're supposed to hear your issue and attempt to remedy the claim against you. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. "Bad faith" insurance tactics have become common place, whether it's in first-party or third-party situations.

First-party claims (i.e. claims against your own insurance company in regards to your home or business) do not involve the negligence of another party. Third-party claims (primarily liability insurance) cover someone that is not the insured.

A dispute can occur between you and your insurance company over many different issues. Whether you feel the insurance company is withholding information from you, or if you feel they are not doing anything at all to settle your claim, you may have a case. We help customers in Clayton, Town and Country, Chesterfield, and the Greater St. Louis area.

No matter the reason, trust the Law Offices of David C. Knieriem to aid you with your conflict. We will fight for your right to receive the coverage and the treatment you deserve from your insurance company.

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We have extensive knowledge of Missouri insurance law, so we can help you navigate disputes. You might be entitled to something much more than you are expecting - our expert lawyer can fight to get it for you.

If it comes to a lawsuit, our dedicated staff will assist with your lawsuit against your insurance company. You'll be expertly represented throughout the process to ensure you get the appropriate resolution. This will finally give you the settlement you need and restitution you deserve.

Don't go through any more heartache

Your insurance should be there during your time of need. Not receiving the attention or claim settlement you deserve could turn your world upside down, again. If your insurance company is refusing to negotiate a claim in good faith, call the Law Offices of David C. Knieriem in St. Louis, Town and Country, and Clayton, Missouri.

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