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Navigating Insurance Law in Town and Country & St. Louis, MO

And what your rights are during a dispute

If you are paying for a policy at an insurance company, you have the right to receive their protection and coverage when you need it. From homeowner's insurance to business insurance, it's good to know you have a plan for when an unfortunate situation occurs.

But what if dealing with the insurance company becomes the unfortunate situation? Every year, regular people are given incomplete and frustrating claim coverage from their insurance company.

Your insurance company may be:

  • Withholding relevant info from you
  • Conducting incomplete investigations
  • Failing to negotiate a settlement
  • Refusing to acknowledge the claim entirely

You may feel powerless in the situation. It's daunting to take on an entire insurance company by yourself. If you choose the Law Offices of David C. Knieriem, you'll have an experienced and well-respected staff giving you the best representation possible.

If you are looking to sue your insurance company, we provide representation for property, health, home and auto insurance disputes in Clayton, Town and Country, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Call our law office if you believe you have been a victim of a bad faith insurance tactics. Our lead insurance lawyer will take a look at your case, and create a plan to solve your insurance dispute in the most appropriate fashion. Contact us today at (314) 862-5110 to set up a consultation.

Get the Most From Your Insurance Provider

Make sure you're getting what you're owed with the Law Offices of David C. Knieriem

Have you been in an accident? Has your home burned to the ground? It's hard times like these when insurance truly feels worth it. But if you're not getting the payout you deserve, you might be entitled to more compensation. If you believe your insurance provider isn't paying you what you deserve, call the Law Offices of David C. Knieriem.

Our law office is committed to your well-being-we'll even take your insurance company to court

If your insurance provider isn't fighting for you, you need a lawyer who will. The Law Offices of David C. Knieriem, servicing in the St. Louis area, is dedicated to working by your side for the best possible outcome in your court case. Call us today at 314-862-5110 or fill out the contact form to learn more.